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Himalayan Salt foot detox slabs


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Detoxification And Its Benefits

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from your body in different ways, causing the body to regain the homeostasis that it requires. It is a must to maintain and restore your mind and bodily health.

As your feet are considered to be the foundation of your body, and a focal point or central junction of your physical and mental health, so taking care of them can lead to the maintenance and stability of your whole body.

We present to you an excellent remedy to keep your health well by detoxifying the toxins of your body through your feet.

Foot detoxification refers to the technique of removing toxins and heavy metals from your body through your feet. The source of these toxins can be your environment, air, beauty products, or chemicals around you.

Himalayan salt detoxification blocks and tiles are available in different shapes and forms to assure you comfortable usage. Usually in pairs to fit in your feet. They have numerous benefits, from relaxing after exercise or a hectic day to your skin rejuvenation regime. They offer customized usage as per needs. A number of its benefits are listed below:

  •  Drawing toxins out of the body
  •  Better circulation
  •  Electrolyte balance
  •  Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties
  •  For pedicure
  •  Stress relief
  •  Moisture retention
  •  Aids edema
  •  Easing aches and pains



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